The Team

Mihaly is responsible for all music and audio work at astradream.

Mihaly Horvath
director of sound and audio

Sandra represents Stan Adard in the United States.

Sandra Horn
Artist Agent United States

Ralph is responsible for the management of our art projects.

Ralph Stucki
director of art projects

Peter manages all marketing aspects of our projects.

Peter Fibich
director of marketing and communication


We inspire, challenge and support our clients in setting up artful environments to positively impact the lives of their customers and employees.


astradream accompanies the development of artful, breathing environments from planning to construction to daily operation and helps to maintain their value over time.


With our talented, competent and ambitious staff and partners and the best available systems we ensure as Swiss company the highest possible level of quality.

Our mission: to inspire and remind the human spirit of breathing consciously by spreading breathing art in all spaces people live and work, to celebrate life and empowering people around the world to live their best lives. is a division of Rotron Software AG, Switzerland.