Stan Adard is a pioneer in digital flow art and the creator of the breathing pictures
in digital flow art.


With a unique approach in digital art, Stan Adard creates pictures that breathe. Born in 1954 in Switzerland, holding a master degree in Education and Social Psychology, he is passionate about the interplay between man and machine.
Stan has been an innovator in the field since the early days of bits and bytes. In1986, he won the Swiss Video awards and created the first animated sequences of digital dreams in 1995.

Breathing pictures

Stan’s latest work is centered on the importance of breathing. Breathing is managed in the unconscious, but at any moment we can grab the controls and consciously change how we breathe. Managing yourself and taking back control has become vital in a world that has become so complex.
Stan uses the possibilities of digital construction and animation to create seamlessly breathing pictures that lead people to more relaxed and deeper breathing. These gently animated pictures – driven by an algorithm similar to the human breathing pattern – put a contrast to the hectic world of images and impressions around us.