breathing art project management

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astradream realizes display concepts and environments based on the breathing pictures of Swiss Artist Stan Adard.

Individual environments

Digital Art Projects

For luxury apartments, for corporate lobbies, company relaxing rooms, for doctors and dentists waiting rooms, public buildings and special events, we service you with all steps from conception to execution.

We focus on the realization of private and corporate relaxing spaces by adding the breathing elements in various environments. We support our customers with a fast and reliable realization of their breathing spaces.

Reliable partners

International project rollout

With a worldwide network of reliable partners we setup your breathing art projects around the world. We take responsability for all steps of a project, from sketch to approval.

For fairs and exhibitions

Art Environments

We want to inspire you with ideas about relaxed and mindfull environments!
Stan Adard advises companies in topics such as work design, mindfulness and stress reduction.

Therefore we move exclusively in the world of art, life and breathing in a contemporary digital form of expression.
At the center of our creative work are emotions such as relaxation, rest, breathing, beauty and joy.

Relaxing rooms and SPA environments

Breathing Walls

The breathing wall in this SPA has a size of 340 x 190 cm (134 x 75 inch), LED wall with a 1.4 pixel pitch.

Remind you to breathe consciously

Breathing Pictures

Breathing pictures are framed high end displays, available in sizes of 55″, 75″, 84″ and 98″. Each breathing picture comes with a video looper (2K or 4K) and an adjustable light sensor for switching the picture off at night.

Pictures that change consciousness

Breathing Spaces

Place an image in the entrance area of your company or in a place where there are as many employees as possible. The sheer presence of the image will cause your employees to pause for a moment to see the respiratory movement.

With appropriate instructions your employees understand that it is important to adjust their own breath for a brief moment to the picture. And this makes them aware of their breathing.

Our partners

Around the World

Digital art projects need strong partnership. We count on reliable partners worldwide.