breathing artwork in various environments

Inspiring Ideas

„Remember to breathe. It is, after all, the secret of life.“ (Gregory Maguire).

A Breathing Picture reminds you to breathe, hopefully every single time you pass it.
If you don’t see that it is breathing, you’re not relaxed enough!


Sky Dance

Dimensions:  3000 mm x 1200 mm (118″ x 47″)
Display: LED, pixel pitch 1.4 mm

Upscale Residential

Ocean Votive

Dimensions: 2000mm x 1100mm (79″ x 43″)
Display: LG, Framed

Waiting rooms

Jazz Dreams

  • Dimensions: 2200mm x 1280mm (87″ x  50″)
  • Display: LG, framed
SPA / Meditation

Curious Water

  • Dimensions: 5500cm x 2500cm (217″ x 98″)
  • Display: LED wall, 2mm pixel pitch

Votive 2

  • Dimensions: 5200mm x 3500mm (205″ x 138″)
  • Display: LED Wall, 1.2mm pixel pitch
Corporate Lobby

Confident Swing

  • Dimensions: 2200mm x 4200mm (87″ x  165″)
  • Display: LED Wall, 1.6mm pixel pitch
Upscale Residential

Curious Wave

  • Dimensions: 1800mm x 1000mm (71″ x 39″)
  • Display: LG 75″, individually framed
Corporate Lobby

Sphere Echo

  • Dimensions: 4200mm x 2200mm (165″ x  87″)
  • Display: integrated LED Wall, 1.2mm pixel pitch
Times Square, New York

Midnight Moments

(2019 proposal)

  • Dimensions: 64 screens with different dimensions
  • Display(s): various manufacturers, production in full HD
Watch & Jewelry Art Fairs

Perspective Change

The Breathing Pictures at Baselworld (proposal)

  • Dimensions: various
  • Displays: various
Upscale residential, relaxing art

Hovering Flame

  • Dimensions: 98″ (Samsung, The Wall), portrait displaying mode
Upscale residential, relaxing art

Living Room with Camouflage Flow

  • Dimensions: 75″ framed LG display

Stan Adard Artwork


Stan Adard’s pictures are always unique. They are digitally signed, encrypted and part of the art blockchain ( Ownership is clear at all times.
Limited editions guaranteed with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

About the artwork

The digital artwork of Stan Adard is displayed through a special videolooper that is part of the delivery.

The artwork can be individually designed to fit in any environment, on every screen size and with various resolutions.